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The Complete Bio-Based and Circular Solution for Performance Sportswear

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In Brief

Benefits of bioace

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Petroleum-Based Nylon

*Bio-Based PA 10,10

100% Bio Based Sportwear

BioAce fibres will be made from 100% bio-based PA 10,10 which is sourced entirely from the oil of the castor bean plant. Not only does it reduce CO2 compared to conventional synthetic yarns, its water and land footprint is also favourable compared to other bio-based feedstocks.

Circularity As A Service

BioAce will provide circularity as an end-to-end service, including the responsible and transparent manufacture of the textiles and garments and it's take back at the garments end of life.

Manufacturer data*

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End-Of-Life Recycling

BioAce 100% bio-based sportswear will be recycled at the end of life and incorporated into new products - combining a biological and technical cycle, and reducing waste to landfill.

Responsible Manufacturing

BioAce garments will be manufactured in a supply chains that pays living wages, ensures radical transparency and high quality work and career development for women.

Project Partners

The Good Factory


Experts in garment design, manufacturing and sustainable and ethical sourcing in the sportswear sector.




Experts in sustainable materials, recycling, circular innovation and impact analysis.


The Project



The project aims to realise the potential of a circular system for performance sportswear consisting of 100% bio-based, mono-component garments made from castor-bean Polyamide 10,10, including take-back of the the garments and production scrap and their use in fibre-to-fibre recycling.


The BioAce project is supported by 10,000 EUR funding with the contribution of the COSME programme of the European Union, through the S4Fashion programme.

Project Goals

  • Creation of knitted fabric and test garments from bio-based PA 10,10 yarn
  • Proof-of-concept recyclability study with production scraps
  • Feasibility and impact analyis of the circular system

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